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Scp 682 Game Download




You are in a distant future, where the first person shooter genre has started to spread throughout the population. The protagonist of the game has lost their family. Their quest, to find them, has led them to a remote colony located on the outskirts of an abandoned town. They discover the town is populated with strange creatures, half human and half animal. After avoiding capture, it is finally decided to stay. In this period, they are expecting new threats. Six-Eight-Two has the purpose of giving you the tools to survive. The characters of the game. DROPPED HORDE In the pages of SCP-682 file, a man arrives at a remote location, covered in blood. From the items found on him, and from his disposition, it is concluded that he is a person of great importance in the world. The Foundation is notified of the situation. The world's elite, the driders, are then brought to the location. DRIVER The protagonist is a man of about 20 years old, who has left the world's civilization to live in a remote location. He describes himself as a driver and he is currently in the role of a courier. His personality is that of an outcast, without family. He has one thing on his mind: his parents. The protagonist's cellphone has a photographic memory of the cases he has been in contact with. The memory can be accessed from the phone's memory by pressing "F", a fact that can be a handy trick if the cellphone is lost. SCIENTIST The protagonist is a man of about 20 years old, with a degree in biology and computer science. The protagonist has spent his childhood learning about the world's history, which led him to visit a historic museum. After this experience, the protagonist decided to live in a colony, where he could work in the field of technology. SOCIETY A man in his 50s. At some point, he was discovered by the Foundation and taken to the site of the future colony. From then on, he worked for the Foundation. He is the scientist who took care of the site. RED RUMOR A woman of around 40 years, dressed in a dark red dress. She has worked for the Foundation for a long time. She has a good relationship with the protagonist, as she is his mother. AKIL BAGUR A man of around 30 years, a man



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Scp 682 Game Download

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